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With advancing age, people have the propensity to lose natural teeth. Tooth decay, gum diseases, trauma, accidents and tooth wear are among the leading causes of tooth loss in human dentition. Prevention of dental and oral diseases in addition to treatment intervention in early disease stages is essential for ensuring the longevity of natural teeth. Tooth loss can cause structural, functional as well psychological trauma to the affected individuals. People cannot perform everyday activities and functions such as eating, biting and chewing food as well as drinking water. You may also have speech abnormalities also develop with loss of natural teeth. Tooth loss results in loss of confidence at work and this can have financial consequences on your life. People wish to have ideal replacement prosthesis for their lost natural teeth. Dr. Cyriac, at York Smile Care, offers the healthiest replacement in the form of dental implants for empty spaces in your mouth  due to lost natural teeth.

Dental implants can be considered as the structural, functional, psychological as well as esthetic replacement prosthesis for your missing teeth. Dental implants are screw-like structures which are directly put into the prepared healthy jaw bones as replacement of natural tooth roots. These dental implants work as anchors to support the artificial dental crowns placed above them later on. Dental implants are usually made up of tissue and bone friendly titanium material and make a strong connection with the alveolar bone of tooth’s socket. With the passage of time, natural bone forms and envelops the dental implant screw completing the biological connection of this artificial tooth root. The whole procedure of dental implant placement within the tooth socket is quite simple provided the dental professionals have the required expertise and training.

At York Smile Care we take a thorough history and perform a comprehensive clinical as well as digital x-rays before deciding for dental implant placement in the missing tooth socket. Optimum health of jaw bone is essential for the success of dental implants in future. However, our experts can perform a specialized procedure of artificial bone grafting prior to dental implant provision if deemed necessary. Profound local anesthesia will be given before starting the surgical procedure. The whole process will take place half an hour and you will be sent home for a period of 3-6 months. Socket bone will develop its connection with the dental implant during this time frame.

The second appointment will involve taking digital x-rays in order to confirm implant success. An impression of the area will be taken for fabrication of the dental crown prosthesis for replacing the natural tooth’s crown. Dental implants have an excellent success rate. These provide a natural feeling to the individuals due to their fixed nature and transmission of sensations to surrounding soft tissues and bone just like natural teeth. These promote growth of new bone, help in speech, eating and chewing food. Enhancement of your lost smile value is among the major advantages of dental implants.

If you are have lost your natural teeth due to dental decay or trauma, visit us at York Smile Care or feel free to call us at 717-900-5921 to schedule a consultation appointment for Dental implants.